Vitality Bar – Cranberry & Lemon with Quinoa 40 g

Highly Nutritious & Simply Delicious

Our Bars are 100% Natural, made with Superfoods, Wholefoods & Zero Additives

Key Benefits

Gluten Free, Vegan, Paleo & Dairy Free 

Probiotics & Prebiotics

Ganeden BC30 Probiotic- We put in about 1 Billion ACTIVE “good” bacteria in every bar to help boost your immunity and get your gut healthy 

Frutafit® inulin – To significantly increase the beneficial bifidobacteria microbes in the intestinal tract which underlies their prebiotic health effects, such as digestive health

Detoxifying Ingredients: Cranberries, 100% Lemon Oil & Qunioa, known for their detoxifying properties, to help support vitality.

It’s much more than just a bar – its nutritious, satisfies and provides energy that lasts.  Gluten Free, Dairy Free and meets Paleo and Wholefood Standards.

Individual Bar Weight: 40 g

Superfood Bars

Health Discovery

We take pride doing this right here in New Zealand, Hamilton in fact – with the support of small and dedicated team of just 16 people. We use only the bare minimum of processing. We take care to try and retain the natural properties found in the ingredients we source, from fruits to seeds to honey and nuts.

Nature and our planet provide for us – natural foods with inherent benefits to our health. We should treasure that and keep it safe.

Our purpose and our goal, is to continue searching and discovering the best of what nature has to offer and bring these together in a way that is both nutritious and tastes as nature intended-delicious.