Carmién Floral Berry Pyramid tea 20s/50g 花枝招展花莓果茶南非國寶/博士三角茶包 (16種不同花果)-20茶包


Carmién Floral Berry Pyramid tea 20s/50g

Carmién Floral Berry Pyramid tea is our popular blend of rooibos, hibiscus, and rose petals with fruity forest berries. Hibiscus provides a slightly tart taste and a pinkish cup infusion. A calming fruity drink. Rose petals and cornflowers add to the beautiful visual experience.

Note: Carmién Floral Berry Pyramid tea has replaced our popular Vintage Romance tea. Same tea, more flavour, beautiful new design.

Ingredients: Blackcurrant flavour, Apple, Elderberries, Hibiscus flowers, Rosehip shells, Blackberries, Rooibos, Vanilla flavour, Honeybush, Rosehip shells, Hibiscus flowers, Rose petals, Orange peel, Rosebuds, Lavender flowers, Heather flowers, Cornflowers, Calendula flowers


花枝招展花莓果茶南非國寶/博士三角茶包 (16種不同花果)-20茶包

Carmién 花卉漿果金字塔茶是我們廣受歡迎的路易波士、芙蓉和玫瑰花瓣與果味森林漿果的混合物。芙蓉提供微酸的味道和粉紅色的杯子浸泡。一種鎮靜果味飲料。玫瑰花瓣和矢車菊增添了美麗的視覺體驗。

注意:Carmién Floral Berry Pyramid 茶已取代我們廣受歡迎的 Vintage Romance 茶。同樣的茶,更多的味道,美麗的新設計。

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Carmién Floral Berry Pyramid tea 20s/50g 花枝招展花莓果茶南非國寶/博士三角茶包 (16種不同花果)-20茶包

Packing Spec: 50g/20茶包
Country of Origin: South Africa
Delivery / Return: To be delivered within 1 – 4 days (More). This product is non-returnable