Carmien LMC Chai Rooibos 20s/50g 茶香四溢醇滑印度香料南非國寶/博士茶三角茶包-20茶包


Carmien LMC Chai Rooibos 20s/50g

LMC Chai is a flavourful blend of rooibos and traditional chai spices with added turmeric. Warm, aromatic and spicy, yet beautifully smooth. Naturally caffeine- and kilojoule-free. Enjoy as is or brew a strong chai mix at night topped with hot milk and a drizzle of honey. The perfect tea with any meal. Delicious hot or cold. Box contains 20 pyramid teabags.

Preparation: Use 1 teabag for every 250ml boiling water using a cup, or teapot. Steep 5-10 min or to taste. Enjoy with or without milk, honey/sugar or slice of lemon. Best enjoyed at 65° C. Hot brewed tea chilled, with ice, makes a delicious ice tea.

Optional: Add fruit juice, mint and/or lemon to taste.



LMC Chai 是路易波士和傳統柴香料的美味混合物,並添加了薑黃。溫暖,芳香和辛辣,但非常光滑。天然不含咖啡因和千焦耳。原樣享用或在晚上沖泡濃郁的柴奶混合物,淋上熱牛奶和少許蜂蜜。適合任何餐點的完美茶。熱的或冷的都很好吃。盒子裡有 20 個金字塔茶包。

準備:使用杯子或茶壺,每 250 毫升沸水使用 1 個茶包。浸泡 5-10 分鐘或品嚐。無論有無牛奶、蜂蜜/糖或檸檬片均可享用。最好在 65° C 下享用。 熱泡茶冷藏,加冰製成美味的冰茶。

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Carmien LMC Chai Rooibos 20s/50g 茶香四溢醇滑印度香料南非國寶/博士茶三角茶包-20茶包

Packing Spec: 50g/20茶包
Country of Origin: South Africa
Delivery / Return: To be delivered within 1 – 4 days (More). This product is non-returnable