Carmien Mamma Tea Woman’s Support 50g/20s 準媽媽南非國寶/博士茶 (接骨木莓果,紅桑子葉,玫瑰果,大紅花)-50g20茶包


Carmien Mamma Tea Woman’s Support 50g/20s

Carmién Woman’s Support tea has been formulated to support the female reproductive system, especially to ease painful menstrual cramps. Rooibos combined with Raspberry leaf, and our Forest Berry Blend give you a super concentration of antioxidants high in Vitamin C. Raspberry leaf tea is highly recommended by midwives for supporting women in preparation for labour during the third trimester of pregnancy.

Please note: Carmién Woman’s Support tea should not be taken before your third trimester. Always consult with your practitioner/midwife before taking any supplements.

For best results drink 4-6 cups daily. Strawberry and Raspberry flavour adds to the fresh berry taste.

Ingredients: Rooibos, Forest Berry blend (apple, elderberry fruit granules, hibiscus flowers, rosehip shells, blackberry leaves), Raspberry leaves, Raspberry & Strawberry flavouring

準媽媽南非國寶/博士茶 (接骨木莓果,紅桑子葉,玫瑰果,大紅花)-50g20茶包

Carmién Woman's Support 茶的配方旨在支持女性生殖系統,尤其是緩解痛經。 Rooibos 與覆盆子葉相結合,我們的森林漿果混合物為您提供富含維生素 C 的超高濃度抗氧化劑。助產士強烈推薦覆盆子葉茶,以支持婦女在懷孕的第三個三個月準備分娩。

請注意:不應在妊娠晚期之前服用 Carmién Woman's Support 茶。在服用任何補充劑之前,請務必諮詢您的醫生/助產士。

為獲得最佳效果,每天喝 4-6 杯。草莓和覆盆子的味道增加了新鮮漿果的味道。

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Mamma Tea Range (No Caffeine) 媽媽茶系列 (不含咖啡因)

Carmien Mamma Tea Woman’s Support 50g/20s 準媽媽南非國寶/博士茶 (接骨木莓果,紅桑子葉,玫瑰果,大紅花)-50g20茶包

Packing Spec: 50g/20茶包
Country of Origin: South Africa
Delivery / Return: To be delivered within 1 – 4 days (More). This product is non-returnable