Carmién Organic Green Rooibos Tea 50g/20s 南非有機國寶/博士綠茶20茶包


Carmién Organic Green Rooibos Tea 50g/20s 

The green Rooibos leaves are polished to make natural anti-oxidation and natural anti-oxidation. The natural anti-aging degree of the national low green tea. Caffeine, no sugar and sugar, low tannin content, no sugar or cold, it is advisable to add milk, honey or lemon can be added delicious. Suitable for elderly, children and children's clothing.
High antioxidant, anti-aging effect, and beneficial to the immune system, can stabilize blood sugar, blood lipids, blood pressure and cholesterol, prevent diabetes II, reduce allergic symptoms such as asthma and hay fever, naturally caffeine-free, relax the body and mind, and help you Sleep well, soothe the nervous system, anti-spasm, relieve stomach cramps, help relieve sunburn and prevent permanent skin damage, relieve itching and certain skin discomforts (such as eczema, diaper rash and acne). 

Except drinking , Can be used directly in the bath
To make iced tea: Use 1 tea bag for every 250ml of boiling water. Soak for 10 minutes or longer. In order to get a stronger soaking effect, please soak at night and/or add extra tea bags.
Ingredients: Green Rooibos

南非有機國寶/博士綠茶 20 茶包
綠色 Rooibos 葉片磨光,使天然抗氧化,使天然抗氧化。 國低綠茶的天然抗老化度。咖啡因,不含糖和糖,單寧含量低,不含糖或冷,宜宜加牛奶,蜂蜜或檸檬都可添加美味。適合長者,兒童及兒童服裝。
高抗氧化劑,具有抗衰老作用,並有益於免疫系統,可穩定血糖,血脂,血壓和膽固醇,預防糖尿病II,減輕過敏症狀,如哮喘和花粉症,天然不含咖啡因,放鬆身心,助您睡個好覺,舒緩神經系統,抗痙攣,緩解胃痙攣,有助於緩解皮膚曬傷並預防永久性皮膚損傷,舒緩皮膚瘙癢和某些皮膚不適(例如濕疹,尿布疹和痤瘡)除飲用外, 可直接泡澡外用
飲用方法: 每 250毫升開水使用 1茶包。 熱泡或水滾煮約 3-5分鐘。 可以搭配牛奶/蜂蜜/糖或檸檬片一起享用
泡冰茶: 每 250毫升開水使用 1茶包。 浸泡 10分鐘或更長時間。 為了獲得更強的浸泡效果,請在夜間浸泡和/或添加額外的茶包。 取出茶袋並冷卻。 與冰一起食用。
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Carmién Organic Green Rooibos Tea 50g/20s 南非有機國寶/博士綠茶20茶包

Packing Spec: 50g/20茶包
Country of Origin: South Africa
Delivery / Return: To be delivered within 1 – 4 days (More). This product is non-returnable