Chia Sisters Orange & Passionfruit Chia Seed Natural Drink 275 ml 橙加熱情果奇亞籽天然飲品 275毫升


Chia Sisters Orange & Passionfruit Chia Seed Natural Drink 275 ml

Chia is made from hydrated chia seeds and antioxidant-rich juices.


Chia is the most nutritious beverage in the Southern Hemisphere. That means it has more nutrients than any other bottled beverage on the market. It goes without saying that CHIA is all natural with no added sugar.


Chia is packed with complete protein. It is the only plant based protein (alongside hemp and quinoa) that has all eight essential amino acids.


Pre-biotics provide the best environment for healthy bacteria to grow in your gut.


Chia has more fibre than any other juice. Fibre that makes you feel full, helps regulate blood sugar levels and is necessary for gut health. Most juices remove fibre.


Chia seeds are the world’s highest plant source of omega 3. Omega 3 has been proven to improve brain and heart health and it will make your skin glow too.  Plant sources of omega 3 are more sustainable than squeezing oil out of fish.


Chia seeds have huge levels of antioxidants, and hydrated chia seeds (like what we use in CHIA) have double that.

Antioxidants help to stop damage caused by oxidants. Oxidants are created when your body is fighting viruses and fending baddies like pollution, cigarettes, and alcohol. Oxidants can cause cancers and heart disease.


Chia is packed full of micro-nutrients. Just a few of them are listed below:

  • iron is essential for the body to perform everyday functions. It is critical in transporting oxygen to muscles; lifting energy levels and boosting the immune system.
  • calcium is the king of strong bones and teeth. On top of this it helps control blood pressure and keeps the gut healthy by maintaining a good PH.
  • natural electrolytes are responsible for keeping the body properly hydrated so that muscles and nerves can function properly. They are lost every day when we sweat. If we combine an intake of electrolytes with water we can hydrate faster. Hydrated chia seeds hold 9 times their weight in water and 5 essential natural electrolytes which makes them the perfect way to rehydrate.
  • magnesium is important for brain function and turning food into energy. It has been proven to reduce tiredness, improve the nervous system and help with muscle recovery. Did we mention its good for your teeth and bones too?
  • selenium is critical to a healthy body. It is important for reproduction function, DNA production, and protecting the body from damage caused by infection.

Chia Sisters 橙加熱情果奇亞籽天然飲品 275 ml



Chia是南半球最有營養的飲料。這意味著它比市場上任何其他瓶裝飲料都含有更多的營養。不用說,CHIA 是純天然的,沒有添加糖分。








奇亞籽是世界上含量最高的歐米茄 3 植物來源。歐米茄 3 已被證明可以改善大腦和心臟健康,還能讓您的皮膚煥發光彩。歐米茄 3 的植物來源比從魚中榨油更可持續。






  • 是身體執行日常功能所必需的。它對於將氧氣輸送到肌肉至關重要;提高能量水平並增強免疫系統。
  • 是強健骨骼和牙齒之王。最重要的是,它有助於控制血壓並通過保持良好的 PH 值來保持腸道健康。
  • 天然電解質負責保持身體適當的水分,以便肌肉和神經能夠正常運作。當我們出汗時,它們每天都會丟失。如果我們將電解質與水的攝入結合起來,我們可以更快地補充水分。水合奇亞籽含有 9 倍於自身重量的水分和 5 種必需的天然電解質,是補充水分的完美方式。
  • 對大腦功能和將食物轉化為能量很重要。它已被證明可以減輕疲勞,改善神經系統並幫助肌肉恢復。我們有沒有提到它對你的牙齒和骨骼也有好處?
  • 對健康的身體至關重要。它對生殖功能、DNA 產生和保護身體免受感染造成的損害很重要。
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Chia Sisters Orange & Passionfruit Chia Seed Natural Drink 275 ml 橙加熱情果奇亞籽天然飲品 275毫升

Packing Spec: 275 ml
Country of Origin: Nelson, New Zealand
Delivery / Return: To be delivered within 1 – 4 days (More). This product is non-returnable