Goulter’s Organic Kiwifruit Vinegar  330ml紐西蘭有機天然無過濾帶”Mother” 奇異果醋330毫升


Goulter’s Organic Kiwifruit Vinegar  330ml

Goulter’s Organic Kiwifruit Vinegar is very golden in colour and has a lovely sweet & sour flavour to it. It is a lot more subtle than Apple Cider Vinegar.  So if you find Apple Cider Vinegar too strong you now have a delicious alternative tonic drink.

Take 2 teaspoons in a glass of warm water daily. The health benefits are very similar to that of our Apple Cider Vinegar however the kiwifruit has a higher level of Potassium. Great for your digestive system and general well being.

Goulter’s Organic Kiwifruit Vinegar is made from organic fruit.


Organic Kiwifruit Vinegar is delicious as a daily health tonic, mixing 2 teaspoons with warm water.

And why not extend the health benefits to your cooking? It’s a great base for salad dressing (mix with a good oil and season with salt & pepper) and marinades. Using any kind of vinegar will help soften meat before cooking. But using Organic Kiwifruit Vinegar will add a whole heap of extra flavour! Add 1 teaspoon when making pavlova to help the eggs hold onto the air and not collapse. Goulter’s Organic Goulter’s Organic Kiwifruit Vinegar features

 Authentic Full Strength Vinegar

  • Includes the ‘Mother’
  • Unrefined & Unfiltered
  • Certified: Certificate of KASHRUT, AsureQuality Organic Standard, Halal Certificate, Nelson City Council Registration, SNAP National Programme Level 3. Click here to see certificates.


紐西蘭有機天然無過濾帶”Mother” 奇異果醋330毫升

Goulter 的有機獼猴桃醋呈金黃色,酸甜可口。它比蘋果醋微妙得多。因此,如果您發現 Apple Cider Vinegar 太濃,您現在可以享用美味的替代滋補飲料。

每天在一杯溫水中服用 2 茶匙。健康益處與我們的蘋果醋非常相似,但奇異果的鉀含量更高。非常適合您的消化系統和整體健康。

Goulter 的有機獼猴桃醋由有機水果製成。


有機獼猴桃醋是一種美味的日常保健補品,將 2 茶匙與溫水混合。

為什麼不將健康益處擴展到您的烹飪中呢?它是沙拉醬(與優質油混合併用鹽和胡椒調味)和醃泡汁的絕佳基礎。使用任何種類的醋都有助於在烹飪前軟化肉類。但是使用有機獼猴桃醋會增加一大堆額外的味道!製作巴甫洛娃時加入 1 茶匙,以幫助雞蛋保持在空氣中而不會塌陷。

Goulter 的有機獼猴桃醋特點

  • 正宗全強度醋
  • 包括“母親”
  • 未精製和未過濾
  • 認證:KASHRUT 證書、AsureQuality 有機標準、清真證書、尼爾森市議會註冊、SNAP 國家計劃 3 級。單擊此處查看證書。
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Goulter’s Organic Kiwifruit Vinegar  330ml紐西蘭有機天然無過濾帶”Mother” 奇異果醋330毫升

Packing Spec: 330ml
Country of Origin: New Zealand
Delivery / Return: To be delivered within 1 – 4 days (More). This product is non-returnable