Moo Chews Vanilla 48 tablets 香滑雲呢拿香草牛奶鈣片 48粒樽裝


Moo Chews Vanilla 48 tablets

High in Calcium

Moo Chews Vanilla flavoured milk bites are the perfect combination of the finest quality ingredients, natural vanilla and our Premium Whole Milk. Our recipe is simple. Using carefully sourced natural ingredients, we guarantee a better option for your kid’s health and teeth.

Moo Chews Vanilla Milk Calcium Tablets use New Zealand milk source, high calcium and high protein. Each sachet provides 40% of a child’s daily calcium requirement for healthy bones and teeth. It’s less than 100 calories per pack, and it’s free of gluten and artificial colors and flavors. Children’s snacks are the best choice for children’s growth!

Milk is the primary nutrition for young children as it is a complete food and loaded with many nutrients including calcium, which is essential for good health. Moo Chews™ are a yummy and convenient supplement for growing children to support strong bones and teeth.

Moo Chews™ uses no artificial colours or flavours ensuring only the finest ingredients to guarantee a better option for our kid’s health and teeth. Moo Chews™ milk bites are a healthy, yummy and wholesome snack. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in our body and forms the basic structure of our bones and teeth. Just one serving of Moo Chews™ milk bites provides 25% of the recommended daily amount of calcium in a deliciously nutritious treat!

Extra care has been taken, using Xylitol to help Moo Chews™ milky bites support healthy bones and teeth

Directions: For ages 2 and up, chew 12 Moo Chews™ daily to boost calcium.

Warning: These could be a choking hazard. Small parts. Use with adult supervision only.

Do not feed to pets. If your pet ingests contact your vet.


香滑雲呢拿牛奶鈣片 48粒樽裝


Moo Chews 香滑雲呢拿零食是最優質的原料、天然香草和我們的優質全脂牛奶的完美組合。我們的食譜很簡單。使用精心採購的天然成分,我們保證為您孩子的健康和牙齒提供更好的選擇。

Moo Chews香滑雲呢拿牛奶鈣片採用紐西蘭奶源,高鈣和高蛋白質。每包能滿足兒童每日鈣質所需的40%,有助骨骼和牙齒的健康發展。無添加麩質及人造色素和調味劑。兒童零食恩物,是兒童成長中的最佳之選!

牛奶是幼兒的主要營養,因為它是一種完整的食物,含有許多營養素,包括對身體健康至關重要的鈣。 Moo Chews™ 是一種美味且方便的補充劑,適合成長中的兒童,以支持強壯的骨骼和牙齒。

Moo Chews™ 不使用人工色素或香料,確保只使用最優質的成分,以保證為我們孩子的健康和牙齒提供更好的選擇。 Moo Chews™ 牛奶零食是一種健康、美味和有益健康的零食。鈣是我們體內最豐富的礦物質,構成了我們骨骼和牙齒的基本結構。只需一份 Moo Chews™ 牛奶叮咬就可提供每日推薦量的 25% 的鈣質,營養美味!

格外小心,使用木糖醇幫助 Moo Chews™ 牛奶咬支持健康的骨骼和牙齒

使用方法:對於 2 歲及以上兒童,每天咀嚼 12 粒 Moo Chews™ 以增加鈣質。



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Moo Chews Vanilla 48 tablets 香滑雲呢拿香草牛奶鈣片 48粒樽裝

Packing Spec: 48 tablets/Bottle
Country of Origin: New Zealand
Delivery / Return: To be delivered within 1 – 4 days (More). This product is non-returnable