My Instant Pasta – Fusilli Formaggio 70g 意大利傳統濃香芝士即食意粉70克


My Instant Pasta – Fusilli Formaggio 70g

Creamy and tasty cheese for the everyday pasta. Just like home anywhere anytime.

Thanks to the revolutionary technology, type instant spaghetti keeps the original taste and quality of the ingredients, make sure to enjoy healthy dishes. Cooked in the best Italian traditions, all vegetables in the sauce are sourced from 100% organic plantations, and rich in sauce to ensure soft, smooth and rich taste.

  • Only selected cheeses are used to make the different flavours of My Instant Pasta
  • Provides 100% natural flavor
  • Natural raw materials are the basis of condiments to ensure quality and healthy and delicious
  • The fragrances used in the dressing contain no chemical additives or palm oil




由於採用了革命性的技術,型速食意大利粉保持了食材原汁原味感官和品質,確保享用健康菜餚。按照意大利最佳傳統烹製,醬汁中的所有蔬菜均來自 100% 有機種植園,並含有豐富醬汁,保證柔軟細滑濃郁味道。

  • 只有精選芝士才被用來製作 My Instant Pasta的不同口味
  • 提供 100% 天然風味
  • 天然原料是調味品基礎以保證質量之餘又健康美味
  • 調味品中使用的香料不含化學添加劑或棕櫚油
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My Instant Pasta – Fusilli Formaggio 70g 意大利傳統濃香芝士即食意粉70克

Packing Spec: 70g
Country of Origin: Italy
Delivery / Return: To be delivered within 1 – 4 days (More). This product is non-returnable