Organic Honey Vinegar 5%250ml  有機蜂蜜醋250毫升


Organic Honey Vinegar 5%250ml

This product won an award for innovative product of the largest specialized exhibition in the field of food industry in Asia – SIAL China 2016 in Shanghai.

When we speak about vinegar we mean the liquid which is obtained from the fermentation of mead under the influence of acetic acid bacteria. Unbelievable but true! A product can be obtained of honey that retains all of its nutritional and healthy ingredients. Upon adding water and yeast, honey turns into honey wine and by the method of an acetic acid fermentation in modern apparatus – acetificator – under strict temperature and air quantity control, this exclusive product is obtained – organic bee honey vinegar. Retaining the natural vitamins and minerals honey, the product has a subtle aroma and flavor. Thermally unprocessed, it contains no artificial colors and flavors. The appearance of the precipitate is a natural process and does not affect the product quality. The production of honey vinegar uses a minimum of sulphites no preservatives and colorings are used. Typical in this case is that the liquid is not pasteurized because it is very important to keep alive the bacteria contained in vinegar. About 90% of them are identical to the bacteria in our stomach. They act as a disinfectant, as a remedy for gastric bacterial flora.

Honey Vinegar has a very characteristic golden color, delicate honey flavor and is light and pleasant in taste. 100 g of honey vinegar contain just 30 calories.

[EU organic certification, made in EU]

✔Powerful antibacterial action – protects you from harmful bacteria

✔Rich in minerals – help absorb calcium and strengthen bones

✔Effectively control freedom – boost immune system function

✔Lower blood sugar – slow down the fluctuation of blood sugar level after meals

(suitable for people with type 2 diabetes)

✔High antioxidant – helps delay aging

✔Weight control – prolongs satiety and reduces excess oil absorption in the intestines

✔Remove toxins – reduce the burden on the lymphatic system of the liver

✔Alkaline food – maintain good metabolism

(If you don’t want to have too much vinegar mother, it is recommended to place the vinegar in a cool place or refrigerator)



該產品獲得了亞洲最大的食品行業專業展覽會——上海SIAL China 2016的創新產品獎。

當我們談論醋時,我們指的是在醋酸菌的影響下從蜂蜜酒發酵中獲得的液體。難以置信但真實!可以從保留所有營養和健康成分的蜂蜜中獲得一種產品。蜂蜜加入水和酵母后,變成蜂蜜酒,通過現代設備——醋酸化器——在嚴格的溫度和風量控制下,用醋酸發酵的方法,得到這種獨家產品——有機蜂蜜醋。該產品保留了天然維生素和礦物質蜂蜜,具有微妙的香氣和風味。未經熱處理,不含人工色素和香料。沉澱物的出現是自然過程,不影響產品質量。蜂蜜醋的生產使用最少的亞硫酸鹽,不使用防腐劑和色素。這種情況下的典型情況是液體沒有經過巴氏殺菌,因為保持醋中所含細菌的活力非常重要。其中大約 90% 與我們胃中的細菌相同。它們充當消毒劑,作為胃細菌菌群的補救措施。

蜜醋色澤金黃,蜜香細膩,口感清淡宜人。 100 克蜂蜜醋僅含有 30 卡路里熱量。


✔強大的抗菌作用 – 保護你免受有害細菌的侵害

✔含豐富的礦物 – 有助吸收鈣質強健骨格

✔有效控制自由 – 推升免疫系統功能

✔降血糖 – 減緩餐後血糖值的波動


✔高抗氧化 – 有助延緩衰老

✔體重控制 – 延長了飽足感,減少腸道吸收過多的油脂

✔排除毒素 – 減輕肝臟各淋巴系統化的負擔

✔屬鹼性食物 – 維持良好的新陳代謝

( 如不想有太多醋母,建議將醋放置在陰涼位置或者雪櫃)

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Organic Honey Vinegar 5%250ml  有機蜂蜜醋250毫升

Packing Spec: 250ml
Country of Origin: Bulgaria
Delivery / Return: To be delivered within 1 – 4 days (More). This product is non-returnable