Pasta Natura Organic Low Sugar Low Salt Chickpeas, Corn and Rice Penne Pasta 250g 有機低糖低鹽鷹嘴豆玉米稻米⾧通粉250克


Pasta Natura Organic Low Sugar Low Salt Chickpeas, Corn and Rice Penne Pasta 250g

PASTA NATURA’s chickpeas flour pasta is a nourishing food with an intense legumes taste. Suitable for anybody looking for a healthy protein-based diet, with no cholesterol. Especially who practices sport can find in PASTA NATURA a reference point for their daily diet. Chickpeas flour pasta is naturally gluten free and has no ingredients of animal origin. For this reason, it can be easily consumed by celiac people or anybody following a vegan diet. Dried slowly at low temperatures and bronze drawn, chickpeas flour pasta is so good and tasty that everyone likes it.

The good of pasta with chickpeas flour

For a first course with an intense flavour, try PASTA NATURA’s chickpeas flour pasta. The colour of this pasta reflects exactly the colour of the chickpeas soup, this is possible because our pasta doesn’t contain any other ingredients apart our farm-to-table organic flour. Slow drying at low temperatures and bronze drawing make our pasta perfect to create rich, tasty and genuine recipes.

Chickpeas flour’s nutritional properties

PASTA NATURA’s chickpeas flour pasta is a source of “good” proteins of vegetable origin, perfect for anybody wishing to find their way to a healthy diet, an excellent supply of energy with a low cholesterol content. The high fibres content makes it light and digestible. Pasta with chickpeas flour is rich in vitamin C and B and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron. It is therefore also suitable for people suffering from ulcer. Chickpeas flour is naturally gluten free. Our pasta can be consumed safely even by celiac people. No component of animal origin is to be found among the ingredients so the needs of people adopting a vegan diet are fully met. PASTA NATURA’s chickpeas flour pasta is a perfect alternative to have a good first course without eating the usual pasta.

Cooking tips

With the strong flavour of PASTA NATURA’s chickpeas flour pasta you should try products with intense aromas such as sage, rosemary, red onion, cabbage and savoy cabbage. You can change the flavour of your classic vegetable soup so to have a tasty vegan dish. You can prepare a pasta dish with a strong, pleasant and intense taste simply by adding broccoli with garlic, oil and chilli to our conchigliette with chickpeas flour. Also, it is easy to prepare a modern and colourful dish, suitable to surprise the most demanding guests, you just need one moment: chickpeas flour mezze penne with Brussels sprouts and speck. For a more refined taste try them, instead, with sardines and wild fennel.

PASTA NATURA’s Chickpeas flour pasta is produced in the following shapes:

penne, sedanini, casarecce, mezze penne, fusilli, maccheroni, conchigliette, ditalini, gnocco sardo, stelline, chifferini

PASTA NATURA’s GLUTEN-FREE chickpeas flour pasta is also available in the versions ORGANIC and certified VEGAN OK.



Reference PASTA CECI

Data sheet

Energy   1578 kJ/374 kcal / 19% RDA

Fat   4.7 g / 7% RDA

of which saturates   0.6 g / 3% RDA

Carbohydrate   54 g / 21% RDA

of which sugars   3.7 g / 4% RDA

Fibers   14 g

Protein   22 g / 44% RDA

Salt   0.01 g / 0% RDA



PASTA NATURA 鷹嘴豆麵食是一種營養豐富的食物,具有濃郁的豆類味道。適合任何尋求以蛋白質為基礎的健康飲食且不含膽固醇的人。特別是從事運動的人可以在 PASTA NATURA 中找到他們日常飲食的參考點。鷹嘴豆麵食天然不含麩質,不含動物成分。出於這個原因,乳糜瀉患者或任何遵循純素飲食的人都可以輕鬆食用它。在低溫下緩慢乾燥和青銅拉製,鷹嘴豆麵食非常好吃,每個人都喜歡它。


對於味道濃郁的第一道菜,請嘗試 PASTA NATURA 的鷹嘴豆麵食。這種意大利面的顏色完全反映了鷹嘴豆湯的顏色,這是可能的,因為我們的意大利面不包含任何其他成分,除了我們從農場到餐桌的有機麵粉。低溫慢乾和青銅拉絲使我們的意大利面完美地製作出豐富、美味和真正的食譜。


PASTA NATURA 的鷹嘴豆麵食是植物來源的“優質”蛋白質的來源,非常適合任何希望找到健康飲食方式的人,這是一種極好的能量供應和低膽固醇含量。高纖維含量使其輕盈易消化。鷹嘴豆粉面食富含維生素 C 和 B 以及鈣、磷和鐵等礦物質。因此,它也適用於患有潰瘍的人。鷹嘴豆粉天然不含麩質。我們的意大利面即使是乳糜瀉患者也可以安全食用。成分中不含動物來源的成分,因此完全滿足了採用純素飲食的人們的需求。 PASTA NATURA 的鷹嘴豆粉意大利面是不吃普通意大利面的第一道菜的完美替代品。


憑藉 PASTA NATURA 鷹嘴豆粉意大利面的濃郁風味,您應該嘗試具有濃郁香氣的產品,例如鼠尾草、迷迭香、紅洋蔥、捲心菜和開胃捲心菜。您可以更改經典蔬菜湯的味道,從而獲得美味的素食菜餚。您只需將西蘭花、大蒜、油和辣椒加入我們的鷹嘴豆粉圓餅中,即可製作出味道濃郁、宜人且濃郁的意大利面。此外,準備一道現代而多彩的菜餚很容易,適合最挑剔的客人驚喜,您只需要片刻:鷹嘴豆麵粉 mezze penne 配球芽甘藍和斑點。為了更精緻的味道,不妨試試沙丁魚和野茴香。

PASTA NATURA 的鷹嘴豆麵食有以下形狀:

通心粉, 塞蒂尼尼, 卡薩雷切, 梅澤通心粉, 螺絲釘, maccheroni, conchigliette, ditalini, gnocco sardo, stelline, chifferini

PASTA NATURA 的無麩質鷹嘴豆麵食也有有機和經過認證的 VEGAN OK 兩種版本。

可用重量 250g

100g 營養聲明



能量 1578 kJ/374 kcal / 19% RDA

脂肪 4.7 g / 7% RDA

其中飽和 0.6 g / 3% RDA

碳水化合物 54 g / 21% RDA

其中糖 3.7 g / 4% RDA

纖維 14 g

蛋白質 22 g / 44 % RDA

鹽 0.01 g / 0% RDA

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Pasta Natura Organic Low Sugar Low Salt Chickpeas, Corn and Rice Penne Pasta 250g 有機低糖低鹽鷹嘴豆玉米稻米⾧通粉250克

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Country of Origin: Italy
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