Pasta Natura Organic Low Sugar Low Salt Red Lentils and Green Peas Whole Rice Kid’s Pasta 250g 低糖低鹽有機紅扁豆綠豌豆糙米可愛動物圖案兒童意粉250克


Pasta Natura Organic Low Sugar Low Salt Red Lentils and Green Peas Whole Rice Kid’s Pasta 250g

Colorful and fun, “La Fattoria delle Meraviglie” pasta has an amazing taste. Made with organic red lentil flour and organic green pea flour, this pasta is a source of vegetable protein. The Fattoria delle Meraviglie, with its cute little animals, makes each meal a moment of joy and sharing. Eating well, in a healthy and balanced way is a right, doing it in a tasty way is a choice you will no longer be able to give up: once you try the pasta from La Fattorie delle Meraviglie, your family will not want to eat anything else! La Fattoria delle Meraviglie pasta, like any PASTA NATURA product, is naturally gluten-free.

The good taste of pasta with red lentils and green peas

From the experience of PASTA NATURA,“La Fattoria delle Meraviglie” created two of the children’s favorite recipes: pasta with red lentil flour and pasta with green pea flour. Our idea was to mix these two recipes in order to create a different and tasty product. To celebrate this perfect match, “La Fattoria delle Meraviglie” decided to givet this delicious pasta the shape of the loveliest animals: horses, rabbit, cow and turtles. Many new friends will cheer up your meals.

Nutritional fact for pasta with red lentils and green peas

Pasta with red lentil flour and pasta with green pea flour are both an important source of vegetable proteins, indispensable in the diet of each growing child. Moreover, these ingredients are easily digestible thanks to the important presence of fibers, which contribute to the well-being of the whole organism and promote intestinal transit. The nutritional value of this pasta is high: – mineral salts – vitamins – proteins “La Fattoria delle Meraviglie” pasta with Red Lentil and Green Peas flour is very energetic, ideal for children who consume many calories between study, sport and various activities. Sportsmen also benefit from regular consumption of “La Fattoria delle Meraviglie” pasta. This pasta is made only with naturally gluten-free organic flour, so it is also suitable for intolerant people who require a gluten free diet.


La Fattoria delle Meraviglie wants to entice the little ones, making them try a colorful, funny and surprisingly tasty protein pasta. With “La fattoria delle meraviglie” pasta you will make the whole family happy. Little animals of “La Fattoria delle Meraviglie” will take over everyone with their goodness. This pasta is so tasty that you can even taste it topped with a drizzle of EVO oil. These mix of red lentils and green peas pasta gives you the chance to indulge you in with more complex recipes: prepare a sauce based on spinach and ricotta, a white sauce or the classic pesto.



Data sheet

Energy   1457 kJ/344 kcal / 17% RDA

Fat   2.1 g / 3% RDA

of which saturates   0.5 g / 3% RDA

Carbohydrate   64 g / 25% RDA

of which sugars   1.5 g / 2% RDA

Fibers   4.5 g

Protein   15 g / 30% RDA

Salt   0.02 g / 0% RDA



“La Fattoria delle Meraviglie”意大利面色彩繽紛且有趣,味道令人驚嘆。這種意大利面由有機紅扁豆粉和有機綠豌豆粉製成,是植物蛋白的來源。 Fattoria delle Meraviglie 擁有可愛的小動物,讓每頓飯都成為歡樂和分享的時刻。吃得好,以健康和均衡的方式吃是一種權利,以美味的方式做是一種你再也不能放棄的選擇:一旦你嚐過 La Fattorie delle Meraviglie 的意大利面,你的家人就不想吃還要別的嗎! La Fattoria delle Meraviglie 意大利面與任何 PASTA NATURA 產品一樣,天然不含麩質。


根據 PASTA NATURA 的經驗,“La Fattoria delle Meraviglie”創造了兩個孩子們最喜歡的食譜:紅扁豆粉意大利面和綠豌豆粉意大利面。我們的想法是混合這兩種食譜,以創造一種不同的美味產品。為了慶祝這場完美的搭配,“La Fattoria delle Meraviglie”決定將這款美味的意大利面做成最可愛的動物的形狀:馬、兔子、牛和烏龜。許多新朋友會為你的飯菜加油。


紅扁豆粉面食和綠豌豆粉面食都是植物蛋白的重要來源,在每個成長中的孩子的飲食中都不可缺少。此外,由於纖維的重要存在,這些成分很容易消化,這有助於整個生物體的健康並促進腸道運輸。這種意大利面的營養價值很高: – 礦物鹽 – 維生素 – 蛋白質 “La Fattoria delle Meraviglie”意大利面配紅扁豆和青豆粉非常有活力,非常適合在學習、運動和各種活動之間消耗大量卡路里的兒童。運動員還可以從經常食用“La Fattoria delle Meraviglie”意大利面中受益。這種麵食僅使用天然無麩質有機麵粉製成,因此也適合需要無麩質飲食的不耐受人群。


La Fattoria delle Meraviglie 想要吸引小孩子,讓他們嘗試一種色彩繽紛、有趣且令人驚訝的美味蛋白質意大利面。有了“La fattoria delle meraviglie”意大利面,你會讓全家人開心。 “La Fattoria delle Meraviglie”的小動物們會用他們的善良來征服每個人。這種意大利面非常好吃,你甚至可以在上面撒上一點 EVO 油來品嚐它。這些紅扁豆和青豆意大利面的混合讓您有機會沉迷於更複雜的食譜:準備以菠菜和乳清乾酪為基礎的醬汁、白醬汁或經典香蒜醬。

100g 營養聲明



能量 1457 kJ/344 kcal / 17% RDA

脂肪 2.1 g / 3% RDA

其中飽和 0.5 g / 3% RDA

碳水化合物 64 g / 25% RDA

其中糖 1.5 g / 2% RDA

纖維 4.5 g

蛋白質 15 g / 30 % RDA

鹽 0.02 g / 0% RDA

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Pasta Natura Organic Low Sugar Low Salt Red Lentils and Green Peas Whole Rice Kid’s Pasta 250g 低糖低鹽有機紅扁豆綠豌豆糙米可愛動物圖案兒童意粉250克

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