Pasta Natura Organic Low Sugar Low Salt Spirulina Conchiglie Pasta 250g 有機低糖低鹽螺旋藻糙米貝殼粉250克


Pasta Natura Organic Low Sugar Low Salt Spirulina Conchiglie Pasta 250g

PASTA NATURA organic pasta with spirulina is naturally gluten-free and produced without ingredients of animal origin. It is perfect for the diet of celiacs and vegans because it is rich in proteins, essential for a balanced diet. Spirulina gives the pasta a characteristic dark green color, perfect for playing with colors at the table. The taste of this pasta is delicate and pleasant, it goes well with any type of sauce. The benefits of organic spirulina are many, a dish of our pasta is an act of love for those who eat it

The good of pasta with Organic Spirulina

PASTA NATURA organic spirulina flour pasta is a gift we want to give to all Pasta Natura consumers. This pasta has a delicate flavor that goes perfectly with any type of sauce. On the table you will bring a fragrant, colorful and delicious dish. Your every preparation will be irresistible with organic spirulina pasta.

The nutritional properties of Spirulina

Spirulina is rich in good nutrients, therefore suitable for any diet. It lends itself perfectly to a vegan diet because it lacks ingredients of animal origin and is rich in vegetable proteins, the most coveted nutrient for those who give up meat, but do not want to unbalance their diet. In general, spirulina is a friend of the entire immune system. The strong presence of vitamins of groups A and B, in addition to vitamins D, K, E makes a dish of PASTA NATURA become an ally of good health. Perhaps not everyone knows that these vitamins help the nervous system, fight the sense of fatigue and help regain a good mood. Seeing is believing: bring an inviting plate of PASTA NATURA to the table and you will see that smiles will immediately start to spread. Spirulina also contains beta-carotene, essential fatty acids, iron and trace elements. An indispensable food for those looking for good health even at the table.

Tips at the table

PASTA NATURA organic pasta with spirulina is special from the very first taste; the bronze drawing gives it that degree of gentle roughness capable of retaining the sauce up to the palate, where an explosion of taste will leave you pleasantly surprised. Cooking al dente is guaranteed by our way of preparing pasta: slow drying at low temperatures. To make good things you need time and we at PASTA NATURA never rush our pasta.

Organic pasta with spirulina has a delicate and pleasant taste, try combining it with seasonal vegetables just seared in a pan and flavored with a drop of soy sauce. For a special evening, prepare a sauce with diced swordfish, yellow cherry tomatoes and Taggiasca olives: PASTA NATURA organic spirulina flour pasta will triumph at the table.

PASTA NATURA organic pasta with Spirulina flour is produced in the following formats:

penne, sedanini, casarecce, mezzepenne, fusilli, macaroni, conchigliette, ditalini, Sardinian gnocco, stelline, chifferini

PASTA NATURA GLUTEN FREE organic pasta with Spirulina flour is also available and is VEGAN OK certified.




Data sheet

Energy   1572 kJ/371 kcal / 19% RDA

Fat   2.8 g / 4% RDA

of which saturates   0.5 g / 3% RDA

Carbohydrate   75 g / 29% RDA

of which sugars   0.8 g / 1% RDA

Fibers   3.5 g

Protein   9.7 g / 19% RDA

Salt   0.09 g / 2% RDA



PASTA NATURA 有機螺旋藻意大利面天然不含麩質,不含動物源成分。它非常適合乳糜瀉和素食主義者的飲食,因為它富含蛋白質,對均衡飲食至關重要。螺旋藻使意大利面呈現出特有的深綠色,非常適合在餐桌上玩弄顏色。這種意大利面的味道細膩宜人,可與任何類型的醬汁搭配。有機螺旋藻的好處很多,我們的一盤意大利面是對吃它的人的愛


PASTA NATURA 有機螺旋藻粉意大利面是我們想送給所有 Pasta Natura 消費者的禮物。這種意大利面具有細膩的風味,可與任何類型的醬汁完美搭配。在餐桌上,您將帶來一道香噴噴、色彩繽紛、美味可口的菜餚。有機螺旋藻意大利面會讓您的每一份準備工作都難以抗拒。


螺旋藻營養豐富,適合任何飲食。它非常適合純素飲食,因為它缺乏動物來源的成分,並且富含植物蛋白,這是那些放棄肉食但又不想讓飲食失衡的人最夢寐以求的營養素。一般來說,螺旋藻是整個免疫系統的朋友。除了維生素 D、K、E 外,A 組和 B 組維生素的強烈存在使 PASTA NATURA 成為健康的盟友。也許不是每個人都知道這些維生素有助於神經系統、對抗疲勞感並幫助恢復好心情。眼見為實:將一盤誘人的 PASTA NATURA 帶到餐桌上,您會看到笑容會立即蔓延開來。螺旋藻還含有β-胡蘿蔔素、必需脂肪酸、鐵和微量元素。對於那些即使在餐桌上也尋求健康的人來說,這是一種不可或缺的食物。


PASTA NATURA 有機螺旋藻意大利面從一開始就很特別;青銅繪畫賦予它那種柔和的粗糙度,能夠將醬汁保持在味覺上,味道的爆發會讓你驚喜不已。我們的意大利面準備方式保證了烹飪的嚼勁:在低溫下緩慢乾燥。為了做好事,你需要時間,我們 PASTA NATURA 從不急於我們的意大利面。

帶有螺旋藻的有機意大利面口感細膩宜人,嘗試將其與剛在平底鍋中烤熟並加一滴醬油調味的時令蔬菜搭配。在一個特別的夜晚,用箭魚丁、黃色櫻桃番茄和 Taggiasca 橄欖準備醬汁:PASTA NATURA 有機螺旋藻麵粉意大利面將在餐桌上大放異彩。

PASTA NATURA 有機意大利面和螺旋藻粉以下列形式生產:

通心粉、塞蒂尼尼、卡薩雷切、mezzepenne、fusilli、通心粉、conchigliette、ditalini、撒丁島 gnocco、stelline、chifferini

PASTA NATURA 無麩質有機意大利面和螺旋藻粉也可提供,並通過 VEGAN OK 認證。

可用重量 250g

100g 營養聲明



能量 1572 kJ/371 kcal / 19% RDA

脂肪 2.8 g / 4% RDA

其中飽和 0.5 g / 3% RDA

碳水化合物 75 g / 29% RDA

其中糖 0.8 g / 1% RDA

纖維 3.5 g

蛋白質 9.7 g / 19 % RDA

鹽 0.09 g / 2% RDA

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Pasta Natura Organic Low Sugar Low Salt Spirulina Conchiglie Pasta 250g 有機低糖低鹽螺旋藻糙米貝殼粉250克

Packing Spec: 250g
Country of Origin: Italy
Delivery / Return: To be delivered within 1 – 4 days (More). This product is non-returnable