Pasta Natura Organic Low Sugar Low Salt Whole Rice Fusilli Pasta 250g 有機低糖低鹽100%糙米螺絲粉250克


Pasta Natura Organic Low Sugar Low Salt Whole Rice Fusilli Pasta 250g

PASTA NATURA’s whole rice flour pasta is the ideal alternative for who wants to have the advantages brought by the properties of whole rice without eating a risotto. Whole rice flour is naturally gluten free, suitable for gluten-free diets. The nutritive values of pasta with rice flour are remarkable: starches, vitamin B and E, proteins, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, potassium, copper, silicon and sodium. A PASTA NATURA dish is a touch of health and wellness for all your body. Your palate as well will be satisfied with rice flour pasta: try it with all your favourite recipes, from the traditional ones to the innovative ones. PASTA NATURA is rough and porous and it holds up to cooking, a real success for your meals.

The good of pasta with whole rice flour

PASTA NATURA’s whole rice flour pasta is perfect for those who want to have a healthy first course without having to cook a traditional dish of whole rice. This pasta is dried slowly at low temperatures, and then bronze drawn. This makes it porous and rough. This is the ideal premise to cook great dishes, with an inviting appearance and a surprising taste. Not to forget, this is a healthy food, with many good nutritional properties.

Whole rice flour’s nutritional properties

Whole rice is rich in good nutrients such as starches, vitamin B and E, proteins and minerals (calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, potassium, copper, silicon and sodium). PASTA NATURA’s pasta with organic whole rice flour preserves all these wonderful qualities and doesn’t involve any risk for health, as there is no use of pesticides in the rice cultivation: the external part of the whole grain doesn’t retain any harmful substances. For this reason, we use only organic flours from our farm: we want to offer only good, healthy and safe products. Rice is highly digestible and it is very suitable for people suffering from hypertension and constipation. Whole rice flour is naturally gluten free, pasta with rice flour by PASTA NATURA is suitable for celiac people, as certified by the barred spike impressed on the package.

Cooking tips

The possibilities to prepare a good pasta dish with PASTA NATURA whole rice flour are unlimited: the whole rice has a neutral taste that goes perfectly with every ingredient. For an inviting vegan dish, you can try to revisit a recipe with Asian flavour: whole rice flour sedanini with pan-roasted julienne vegetables and soy sauce. For palates liking a more traditional taste, try whole rice flour maccheroni with pumpkin and parmesan: it’s a new way to propose the taste of the usual risotto. An excellent ingredient for this pasta is saffron, to be combined with chickpeas or radicchio. Make experiments with other mixes. For a more delicious recipe choose asparagus, fava beans and mushrooms or bottarga and cabbage sprouts.

PASTA NATURA’s whole rice flour pasta is produced in the following shapes:

Penne, sedanini, casarecce, mezze penne, fusilli, maccheroni, conchigliette, ditalini, gnocchi sardi, stelline, chifferini.

PASTA NATURA’s GLUTEN-FREE pasta with whole rice flour is also available in the versions ORGANIC and certified VEGAN OK.




Data sheet

Energy   1579 kJ/373 kcal / 19% RDA

Fat   2.9 g / 4% RDA

of which saturates   0.5 g / 3% RDA

Carbohydrate   77 g / 30% RDA

of which sugars   0.8 g / 1% RDA

Fibers   3.5 g

Protein   7.9 g / 16% RDA

Salt   0.02 g / 0% RDA



PASTA NATURA 的全米粉意大利面是希望在不吃意大利調味飯的情況下享受全米特性帶來的優勢的理想選擇。全米粉天然不含麩質,適合無麩質飲食。米粉面食的營養價值非常顯著:澱粉、維生素 B 和 E、蛋白質、鈣、鐵、磷、鎂、錳、鉀、銅、矽和鈉。 PASTA NATURA 為您的整個身體帶來一絲健康。您的味蕾也會對米粉意大利面感到滿意:嘗試所有您最喜歡的食譜,從傳統食譜到創新食譜。 PASTA NATURA 質地粗糙且多孔,經得起烹飪,是您用餐的真正成功。


PASTA NATURA 全米粉意大利面非常適合那些想要健康第一道菜而無需烹製傳統全米菜餚的人。這種意大利面在低溫下緩慢乾燥,然後拉成青銅。這使它多孔和粗糙。這是烹製美味佳餚的理想場所,具有誘人的外觀和令人驚訝的味道。不要忘記,這是一種健康食品,具有許多良好的營養特性。


全米富含良好的營養成分,例如澱粉、維生素 B 和 E、蛋白質和礦物質(鈣、鐵、磷、鎂、錳、鉀、銅、矽和鈉)。 PASTA NATURA 的有機全米粉意大利面保留了所有這些美妙的品質,並且不會對健康造成任何風險,因為在水稻種植過程中不使用殺蟲劑:全穀物的外部不保留任何有害物質。出於這個原因,我們只使用農場的有機麵粉:我們只想提供優質、健康和安全的產品。大米易消化,非常適合患有高血壓和便秘的人食用。全米粉天然不含麩質,PASTA NATURA 的米粉意大利面適合乳糜瀉人群,包裝上印有棒狀穗證明。


用 PASTA NATURA 全米粉製作美味意大利面的可能性是無限的:全米具有中性味道,與每種成分完美搭配。對於誘人的素食菜餚,您可以嘗試重新審視具有亞洲風味的食譜:全米粉轎車配烤切絲蔬菜和醬油。對於喜歡更傳統口味的口味,可以嘗試全米粉通心粉配南瓜和帕爾馬干酪:這是一種呈現通常意大利燴飯味道的新方法。這種意大利面的一個很好的成分是藏紅花,與鷹嘴豆或菊苣混合。用其他混合物做實驗。要獲得更美味的食譜,請選擇蘆筍、蠶豆和蘑菇或 bottarga 和捲心菜芽。

PASTA NATURA 的全米粉意大利面有以下幾種形狀:

通心粉、塞蒂尼尼、卡薩雷切、梅澤通心粉、螺絲釘、通心粉、康基列特、迪塔里尼、湯糰 sardi、stelline、chifferini。

PASTA NATURA 的全米粉無麩質意大利面也有有機和經過認證的 VEGAN OK 兩種版本。

可用重量 250g

100g 營養聲明



能量 1579 kJ/373 kcal / 19% RDA

脂肪 2.9 g / 4% RDA

其中飽和 0.5 g / 3% RDA

碳水化合物 77 g / 30% RDA

其中糖 0.8 g / 1% RDA

纖維 3.5 g

蛋白質 7.9 g / 16 % RDA

鹽 0.02 g / 0% RDA

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Pasta Natura Organic Low Sugar Low Salt Whole Rice Fusilli Pasta 250g 有機低糖低鹽100%糙米螺絲粉250克

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