Pasta Natura Organic Low Sugar No Salt White Corn, Tumeric and Pepper Fusilli Pasta 250g 有機低糖無鹽白玉米黃薑胡椒螺絲粉250克


Pasta Natura Organic Low Sugar No Salt White Corn, Tumeric and Pepper Fusilli Pasta 250g

PASTA NATURA introduces a new incredible gourmet recipe: white corn pasta with turmeric and pepper. Why have we chosen turmeric and pepper to flavour our pasta? Because turmeric has excellent nutritional properties and pepper helps its assimilation. The result is fantastic: we obtained a coloured and delicious pasta with a balanced taste and perfect for the preparation of your favourite dishes. Just like all our products, it is naturally gluten free and does not contain any ingredient of animal origin, and it is ideal for the dietary requirements of those suffering of coeliac disease or those who chose to follow a vegan or vegetarian diet.

White corn, turmeric and pepper pasta: the good of it

White corn flour enriched with turmeric and pepper has an ochre colour that becomes orange after being cooked: you are going to love it! Gifted by a charming colour, these ingredients also have great nutritional properties. As a matter of fact, turmeric has purifying, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Black pepper was added to the recipe because it eases the assimilation of turmeric and does not change the taste of pasta. Thanks to its pleasant flavour, white corn, turmeric and pepper pasta can be tasted with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, in order to flavour it at its best. You can also create brand new recipes using seasonal ingredients.

Nutritional properties of white corn flour with turmeric and pepper

Turmeric is an excellent ingredient with remarkable nutritional properties. We therefore decided to give it a place of honour in our product range, creating a pasta with white corn, turmeric and pepper. Turmeric has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. As a spice, it is used for its purifying properties. It’s a natural dietary supplement, appreciated by Asiatic traditional cultures. Moreover, white corn has antioxidant properties, it is rich in iron and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and vitamin A, vitamin of the B group (vitamin B1, B2, B3), while it has few sodium and nickel. The mix of white corn, turmeric and pepper is healthy and tasty, something you should try and be amazed of!

Cooking tips

PASTA NATURA white corn, turmeric and pepper pasta is tasty when eaten with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, and it has an amazing taste with flavourful and creamy sauces. You can try it with sauté diced bacon and smoked scamorza. For a lighter recipe you can season it with courgettes cut in a half, one half browned on fire, the other used to prepare a cream as a sauce for pasta. All PASTA NATURA pasta has a pleasant and balanced flavour and is suitable for every kind of seasoning.

PASTA NATURA turmeric and pepper pasta is produced in the following shapes: penne, fusilli, maccheroni.

PASTA NATURA GLUTEN FREE turmeric and pepper pasta is available ORGANIC and VEGAN OK certified.




Data sheet

Energy   1561 kJ/368 kcal / 19% RDA

Fat   2.4 g / 3% RDA

of which saturates   0.4 g / 2% RDA

Carbohydrate   78 g / 30% RDA

of which sugars   0.8 g / 1% RDA

Fibers   2,7 g

Protein   7.1 g / 14% RDA

Salt   0 g /01% RDA



PASTA NATURA 推出了一種令人難以置信的新美食食譜:薑黃和胡椒白玉米意大利面。為什麼我們選擇薑黃和胡椒來調味我們的意大利面?因為薑黃具有極好的營養特性,而胡椒有助於其同化。結果太棒了:我們獲得了色彩均衡、味道均衡的美味意大利面,非常適合製作您最喜愛的菜餚。就像我們所有的產品一樣,它天然不含麩質,不含任何動物來源的成分,非常適合患有乳糜瀉或選擇純素食或素食的人的飲食需求。






PASTA NATURA 白玉米、薑黃和胡椒意大利面搭配少量特級初榨橄欖油食用時非常美味,搭配美味的奶油醬汁,味道令人驚嘆。你可以試試炒培根丁和熏肉捲。對於更清淡的食譜,你可以用切成兩半的西葫蘆調味,一半在火上變成褐色,另一半用來準備奶油作為意大利面的醬汁。所有 PASTA NATURA 意大利面都具有令人愉悅且均衡的風味,適用於各種調味料。

PASTA NATURA 薑黃和胡椒麵食有以下形狀:通心粉、螺絲釘、通心粉。


可用重量 250g

100g 營養聲明



能量 1561 kJ/368 kcal / 19% RDA

脂肪 2.4 g / 3% RDA

其中飽和 0.4 g / 2% RDA

碳水化合物 78 g / 30% RDA

其中糖 0.8 g / 1% RDA

纖維 2.7 g

蛋白質 7.1 g / 14% RDA

鹽 0 克 /01% RDA

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Pasta Natura Organic Low Sugar No Salt White Corn, Tumeric and Pepper Fusilli Pasta 250g 有機低糖無鹽白玉米黃薑胡椒螺絲粉250克

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Country of Origin: Italy
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