Pasta Natura Organic No Sugar No Salt Whole Buckwheat Casarecce Pasta 250g 有機無糖無鹽 100%蕎麥麻花意粉250克


Pasta Natura Organic No Sugar No Salt Whole Buckwheat Casarecce Pasta 250g

PASTA NATURA’s buckwheat flour pasta is your healthy choice to have a first course of excellent quality with a balanced nutritional value. Buckwheat is naturally gluten free: our pasta is suitable for celiac people. We don’t use ingredients of animal origin, so you can use our pasta to prepare vegan recipes. PASTA NATURA’s strength is in the flour: organic and farm-to-table, a good pasta can only come out of an excellent flour. The skilful processing that involves slow drying at low temperatures and bronze drawing does the rest, giving to our pasta the organoleptic characteristics that make a normal first course special.

The good of pasta with buckwheat flour

With a rustic flavour and a fascinating brown colour, PASTA NATURA’s buckwheat flour pasta is appreciated by everyone. Gourmands will find their classic recipes enriched by the strong buckwheat taste; who cares about their diet will appreciate the nutritional values of the product that is 100% of vegetable origin and completely gluten free. The slow drying at low temperatures and the bronze drawing allows us to give you an excellent quality pasta.

Buckwheat flour’s nutritional properties

As buckwheat is naturally gluten free, it is suitable for anybody who can’t or doesn’t want to eat gluten. PASTA NATURA created a delicious pasta with buckwheat flour, which remains firm after cooking and adapts perfectly to any condiment. Buckwheat is rich in fibres and essential amino acids such as lysine and tryptophan. Lysine is essential to create an effective body barrier, it helps the production of antibodies, hormones and enzymes. Tryptophan is the synthesis chain engine of biological substances that are important for the appropriate body functioning, including serotonin, also called “good-humour hormone”. It also contributes to the good functioning of the sleep-wake cycle. To bring a buckwheat flour pasta dish on your table is a healthy choice that doesn’t give up on the good taste of pasta we have always been used to appreciate in the Mediterranean diet.

Cooking tips

PASTA NATURA’s buckwheat flour pasta perfectly combines with any condiment. The bronze drawing makes it rough and porous, perfect to cling to the sauce. A good vegan recipe, able to satisfy both the palate and the view is composed by buckwheat sedanini, chards and sun-dried tomatoes. For those who love spicy tastes we propose a condiment based on peas, saffron and chilli pepper. A delicious and easy recipe is the classic cream and bacon sauce, that immediately obtains a more innovative appearance with the taste and colour of buckwheat’s flour.

PASTA NATURA’s buckwheat flour pasta is produced in the following shapes:

penne, sedanini, casarecce, mezze penne, fusilli, maccheroni, conchigliette, ditalini, gnocco sardo, stelline, chifferini

PASTA NATURA’s GLUTEN-FREE pasta with buckwheat flour is also available in the versions ORGANIC and certified VEGAN OK.




Data sheet

Energy   1568 kJ/371 kcal / 18% RDA

Fat   3.4 g / 5% RDA

of which saturates   0.7 g / 4% RDA

Carbohydrate   72 g / 28% RDA

of which sugars   0.4 g / 0%

Fibers   6.0 g

Protein   10 g / 20%

Salt   0.01 g / 0%


有機無糖無鹽 100%蕎麥麻花意粉250克

PASTA NATURA 的蕎麥麵麵食是您健康的選擇,您可以享用優質且營養價值均衡的第一道菜。蕎麥天然不含麩質:我們的麵食適合乳糜瀉人群。我們不使用動物來源的成分,因此您可以使用我們的意大利面來準備素食食譜。 PASTA NATURA 的優勢在於麵粉:有機和從農場到餐桌,優質的麵食只能來自優質麵粉。剩下的就是在低溫下緩慢乾燥和青銅拉絲的巧妙加工,使我們的意大利面具有感官特徵,使普通的第一道菜與眾不同。


PASTA NATURA 的蕎麥麵具有質樸的風味和迷人的棕色,深受大家的喜愛。美食家會發現他們的經典食譜因濃郁的蕎麥味而更加豐富;關心他們的飲食的人會欣賞該產品的營養價值,該產品 100% 來自植物且完全不含麩質。低溫下的緩慢乾燥和青銅拉絲使我們能夠為您提供優質的意大利面。


由於蕎麥天然不含麩質,因此適合任何不能或不想吃麩質的人。 PASTA NATURA 用蕎麥粉製作了一種美味的意大利面,烹飪後保持堅硬,完美適應任何調味品。蕎麥富含纖維和必需氨基酸,如賴氨酸和色氨酸。賴氨酸對於建立有效的身體屏障至關重要,它有助於產生抗體、激素和酶。色氨酸是對適當的身體機能很重要的生物物質的合成鏈引擎,包括血清素,也稱為“好心情激素”。它還有助於睡眠-覺醒週期的良好運作。將蕎麥麵麵食放在餐桌上是一種健康的選擇,它不會放棄我們一直習慣於在地中海飲食中欣賞的麵食的美味。


PASTA NATURA 的蕎麥麵麵食可與任何調味品完美搭配。青銅畫使其粗糙且多孔,非常適合粘在醬汁上。一個很好的素食食譜,能夠滿足味覺和視覺的需求,由蕎麥、甜菜和曬乾的西紅柿組成。對於喜歡辛辣口味的人,我們建議使用豌豆、藏紅花和辣椒製成的調味品。一個美味又簡單的食譜是經典的奶油培根醬,它立即獲得了更具創新性的外觀,具有蕎麥粉的味道和顏色。

PASTA NATURA 的蕎麥麵麵食有以下幾種形狀:

通心粉, 塞蒂尼尼, 卡薩雷切, 梅澤通心粉, 螺絲釘, maccheroni, conchigliette, ditalini, gnocco sardo, stelline, chifferini

PASTA NATURA 的蕎麥粉無麩質意大利面也有有機和經過認證的 VEGAN OK 兩種版本。

可用重量 250g

100g 營養聲明



能量 1568 kJ/371 kcal / 18% RDA

脂肪 3.4 g / 5% RDA

其中飽和 0.7 g / 4% RDA

碳水化合物 72 g / 28% RDA

其中糖 0.4 g / 0%

纖維 6.0 g

蛋白質 10 g / 20%

鹽 0.01 克 / 0%

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Pasta Natura Organic No Sugar No Salt Whole Buckwheat Casarecce Pasta 250g 有機無糖無鹽 100%蕎麥麻花意粉250克

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